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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  2. A. 1.844.333.9339
    1. Audiology - Option 1
    2. Customer Care - Option 2
    B. http://va.widexpro.com
    1. Regional Widex Government Services Representative
    2. Upcoming Regional Trainings
    3. Product Information
    4. Order Forms
    5. Online Training - CEU Eligible

  4. A. What is the highest gain/output instrument youhave on contract?
    1. DREAM FUSION with High-Power (HP) receiver
    a. HP receiver options?
    • Wired RITE HP – soft shell
    • RITE HP – hard shell
    B. Does WIDEX DREAM offer frequency lowering?
    1. Yes - “Audibility Extender” is available in all styles
    2. Default = OFF
    C. Does WIDEX DREAM have a tinnitus program?
    1. Yes - “ZEN” is available in all styles
    2. Default = OFF
    3. Up to 5 ZEN programs
    4. Options:
    • ZEN Tones
    • ZEN Noise (broadband)
    • ZEN Noise Shaped (frequency specific)
    D. Does WIDEX DREAM offer a CROS / BiCROS option?
    1. Yes - can pair to all styles
    2. 312 battery - 7-10 days
    On-Off switch and independent volume control
    E. Does WIDEX DREAM have wireless accessories?
    1. Yes – “DEX” devices – compatible with all styles
    2. PHONE-DEX (Landline)
    3. RC-DEX – mini volume and program control
    4. UNI-DEX (Cell phone)
    5. TV-DEX
    6. M-DEX – Bluetooth streaming; visual volume and program adjustments
    F. Does WIDEX DREAM have wireless accessories?
    1. Center of tragus

  6. Pre-programming by Widex
    • Set to Widex Prescriptive Target
    • Use NAL-NL1 for REM verification
    • MASTER – default program
    • Adaptive Directional Microphones
    • Adaptive Speech Enhancement (includes adaptive noise reduction)
    • Optimized for both quiet and complex environments
    • RC-DEX – paired if ordered
    • Feedback management activated
    • SmartSpeak – Default On (English US; Female)

    A. Is NOAH required to program Widex products?
    • No = Compass GPS can be used as standalone

    B. Programming interfaces
    • USB Link
    • nEARcom with Widex module
    • No corded option

    C. Are Widex wireless DEX accessories and programming interfaces safe for patients with pacemakers?
    • Yes - http://va.widexpro.com/images/items/VADRM29.pdf

    D. Can the patient adjust the volume level of the Zen?
    • Yes

    E. Can ZEN be fi t on normal hearing patients?
    • Yes - uncheck the “ZEN Settings” microphone box

    F. Can I change the target fi tting algorithm?
    • Yes – to NAL-NL2

    G. Can the push button on the DREAM FUSION be set as a volume control?
    • No – order RC-DEX
  8. Repair Questions
    A. Does Widex have an earwire fi t kit?
    • DALC part number VAERK

    B. Can I remove and replace the HP receiver from a custom shell without having to send it back into Widex?
    • Yes - HP receivers are R/L specific

    C. How do I get spare parts (battery doors, earhooks, etc.)
    • ROES / DALC

    D. If a hearing aid is sent for repair:
    • Do I need to also send wireless DEX accessories?
        a. No
    • Do I need to re-match the DEX accessories?
        b. No

    E. Can you engrave patient information on custom hearing aids?
    • 1. Yes, enter in comment section on ROES
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